Friday, March 16, 2018

Two magical ways to turn your spare time into crypto.
proof of stake comes of age as does the gig economy. 

Want To Become A Multi-Millionaire? Do These 15 Things Immediately.
tl;dr invest - in yourself and instruments that bear compound interest. 

How to make an ML Armada and run tens of billions of ML predictions on a budget
Docker, AWS spot instances, cheap data sources. All combine to create a huge ML cluster. 

Ten Machine Learning Algorithms You Should Know to Become a Data Scientist
Good overview of the major Machine Learning algorithms out in the wild. 

Free & Open Source content management system
Yet another open source PHP/MySQL CMS.  Hard to tell what its distinctives are.

Free Accounting Software
Funky spelling, but laravel-based opensource accounting package. 

Automated Dependency Injection using Containers
Dependency Injection's all the rage in PHP these days. 

Getting Advanced with Variables
Passing variables into a function's scope is strange. 

7 little-known niches that could make you a boatload of money
Well, maybe not a boatload, but these could be a side hustle. 

The 2018 Web Developer Roadmap
The 2018Q1 version of what's what in webdev. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

An Introduction to NGINX for Developers
I've always been an Apache guy, but nginx has a lot of traction. Here's an intro. 

A quick but complete guide to IndexedDB and storing data in browsers
We've come a long way in storing data on the browser side. Here's a guide. 

Creating User-friendly forms
Good advice on usable forms. 

IOTA: MAM Eloquently Explained
IOTA's MAM layer is explained. A bit of editing would've helped.

Tube CAD Journal
DIY Audiophile projects for Tubes with CAD drawings/PCB boards

The Inter UI font family
Another low-contrast sans-serif opensource web font. I do like this better than open sans, though.

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Flippening Is Coming — But Not The One You Think
Not etherium overtaking bitcoin, but actual securities being tokenized. 

What is Blockchain Technology? A Beginner’s Guide
Good intro to blockchain that actually talks about public key crypto.

Lessons from Spotify
Good tutorial on the economics of startups using Spotify as an example. 

And this year’s Oscar goes to… BigML machine learning
Machine learning predicts the oscar winners.

The Tangle: an illustrated introduction
Some of the nasty real-life cases the creators of cryptocurrencies have to consider.

GraphQL: Everything You Need to Know
Another intro to GraphQL it's still kinda strange.

The Podcasting Juggernaut Has (Finally) Arrived
After years of steady growth, podcasting is finally getting on big media's radar. 

How to create an application on blockchain using Hyperledger
hands-on coding tutorial on how to create a blockchain app.