Thursday, May 17, 2018

Spies, Crime, and Lightning Strikes: The Value of Probabilistic Thinking
I've long maintained that statistics are much more useful to students than calculus.

18 favorite financial rules of thumb (and some useful money guidelines)
Some of these are off by 2x according to my back-of-the-envelope calculations, but a useful starting point.

How To Buy A Wireless Router - 2018 Edition
Some tech details on the SOTA of wireless routers. I like my mesh setup. 

Introducing View Components in Laravel, an alternative to View Composers
The search continues for the right way to modularize JavaScript functionality. Here's a step: Vue.js and Laravel composers vs. components.

BackdropCMS: A free and Open Source CMS for small to medium sized businesses and non-profits.
Looks like an outgrowth of Drupal.

AvoRed A Laravel Open Source Shopping Cart
An e-commerce shopping cart based on Laravel. We'll see if they grow an ecosystem.

Completely Silent Computer
I've long maintained that noise is a vice. Here's a build-it-yourself completely silent computer. 

Critical Linux Flaw Opens the Door to Full Root Access
Time to start assigning static IP's folks: linux distros with critical security flaw in DHCP client. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Are ebooks dying or thriving? The answer is yes
Hard to tell market trends in e-books since Amazon isn't publishing many numbers.

Stochastic Weight Averaging — a New Way to Get State of the Art Results in Deep Learning
Slightly esoteric article about some of the new thinking in deep learning and pattern recognition. 

How to Study Smarter Not Harder and Retain More in Less Time
More science about how to learn well.

The Only Real Way to Acquire Wisdom
Really understanding is stripping something down to its core and relating it to other concepts.

ss command: Display Linux TCP / UDP Network/Socket Information
ss as a replacement for netstat

Hack Your City The Best Disney World Travel Tips From Our Readers

Friday, May 11, 2018

PHP application logging with Amazon CloudWatch Logs and Monolog
In the ongoing saga of logging, Monolog can log to AWS Cloudwatch and you can go from there. 

Top 15 Python Libraries for Data Science in 2017
Some of the usual suspects here, but some new faces. I like that they did GitHub activity and Google Trends for each.

The Founders Of The World’s Five Largest Companies All Follow The 5-Hour Rule
Five hours of learning per week. Is it preparing for work, or IS learning the work?

19 Incredibly Useful Websites You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier
Listicle of useful, informative websites. Most were new to me. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Why Writing a Book Is Good for Business
The king of the hill in content marketing: write a book.

18 Blockchain Predictions for 2018
The latest blockchain prognostications. Some are slam-dunks, some are more out there.

Data Science for Startups: Introduction
First of what will hopefully be a nice series on data science for startups.

Revue: An editorial newsletter tool for writers and publishers.
an interesting niche email marketing platform for curators.

What is edge computing? 20 The future of software will be managed
Basic, somewhat fluff piece about what is edge computing.

WELCOME TO THE ZOONIVERSE People-powered research
a platform for citizen science. mostly classifications, it seems.