Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Friday, October 27, 2017

Conditional Operators in PHP
PHP conditionals, from the basics to the new Null Coalesce operator in PHP7. 

Injectables vs. Newables
One of the more cogent explanations of Injectibles vs. Newables in PHP I've ever read.

How to connect ELK with Monolog
Interesting case study of sending logging events from Monolog to an ELK stack, using RabbitMQ in the middle so as not to lose anything. 

15 Interesting JavaScript and CSS Libraries for October 2017
Draggable from the Shopify folks looks particularly interesting.

Getting Started With GraphQL
Compendium of GraphQL tutorials from beginner through..

R tutorial: Learn to crunch big data with R
High-level, not step-by-step tutorial for R.

Managing from Afar: How to Run a Remote Team
From the folks at zapier it boils down to team, tools, and process.

Introduction to web scraping with Python
letting lxml package do the heavy lifting.

Why Bitcoin Matters More Than Blockchain
Interesting thesis: what email did to the post office, and amazon did to retail, so bitcoin will do to banks.